Warren Buffett Quotes in English

Warren Buffett Quotes in English– Warren Buffett is a successful investor and businessman. He is considered one of the greatest investors in the world of stock market.

People call him the king of the stock market world. Warren Buffett – In today’s time, there is no need for any introduction because today the whole world knows his name.

Warren Buffett Quotes in English

1. We should not depend on one source of income but should invest to make other sources of income.

2. If someone is sitting in the shade of a tree today, it is because someone planted this tree a long time ago.

3. Buying a good company at a fair price is much better than buying a fair company at a good price.

4. There is only one way out of hell… “Keep going”

5. If you want to invest then always invest for long term.

6. The depth of the river should never be tested with both feet simultaneously.

7. Honesty is a very expensive ornament so don’t expect it from cheap people.

8. Investing in a business which is beyond your comprehension is foolish.

9. Risk is when you do not know what you are doing.

10. Rich people invest in time while poor people invest in money.

11. What is left after spending should not be saved, but what is left after saving should be spent.

12. If you buy those things which you do not need, then soon you will have to sell those things which you need.

13. When other people become greedy then we get scared and when other people are afraid then we become greedy.

14. We want to buy business but we don’t want to sell them.

15. I am a better investor because I am a trader and a better trader because I am an investor.

16. If the business does well, then the stock automatically starts doing well.

17. Consider the ups and downs of the market as your friend, take advantage of the foolishness of others, do not be a part of it.

18. Buy only what you can happily hold for the next ten years.

19. Rule number one never lose money, rule number two never forget rule number one.

20. When you combine ignorance and the desire for profit, you get some very interesting results.

21.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

22. Never invest in a business that you do not understand.

23. To invest means to leave money now for the purpose of getting more money in the future.

24. If you want to cut your hair, never ask any barber for it.

25. Every sage has a past and every sinner has a future of his own.

26. Never be a part of any fool, but take advantage of it.

27. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

28. The best time to invest comes when the stocks of a good company are going through adversity.

29. A hyperactive stock is like a pocket buck in the stock market.

30. It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.

31. Consider the ups and downs of the market as your friend, take advantage of the stupidity of others, do not be a part of it.

32. I buy expensive clothes, they just look cheap on me.

33. Only after the tide is gone it is known who were swimming naked.

34. A lot of reading is needed to know the basic price of a business.

35. The cost of trading is a little art and a little science.

36. Without passion you will have no energy and without energy you have nothing.

37. Spend your precious time with people who are better than you.

38. I always knew I was going to be rich, I don’t think I doubted it for a minute.

39. I throw things only when they are 20 – 25 years old.

40. Don’t buy any stock if you don’t want to hold it for 10 years.


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