These things should never be eaten with Jamun

Friends, Jamun is such a fruit that comes in summer and it is liked by most of the people, in such a situation, the question arises that what should you not eat immediately after eating Jamun because it is also very important to know if Along with Jamun, immediately after eating Jamun, if you eat something that increases the chances of your health deteriorating, then it will be harmful for your health.

Some special things about Jamun

1. Jamun is very tasty in taste.
2. There are some things which should not be eaten at all immediately after eating Jamun.

Healthy Tips:

Jamun is considered a good fruit for taste as well as health. On eating it, not only does it come out on the tongue, as well as the body also gets many benefits from it. But, just as a coin has two sides, in the same way Jamun also has some disadvantages. In fact, there are many such things to eat that if eaten with jamun (Java Plum) immediately after eating these berries can also cause harm to the body. At the same time, Jamun should not be eaten on an empty stomach as it can have a bad effect on health. Let us know, what are these foods and food items that need to be avoided by eating jamuns.

These foods should not be eaten with or immediately after Jamun


Turmeric itself is full of many benefits and turmeric is also used as a medicine. But when it comes to eating turmeric with jamun or immediately after eating jamun, things go awry. Turmeric and Jamun react together which can have harmful effects on the body, especially increasing the chances of stomach upset.


Spicy pickle is very tasty to eat, but eating it with jamun or eating pickle immediately after eating jamun becomes like compromising on health. Consuming pickle with jamun or immediately after eating jamun can cause stomach upset and stomach ache.


Drinking milk with jamun or immediately after eating jamun can worsen health, the reason for this is the reaction of milk with jamun. Reacting of milk with jamun can cause indigestion and stomach pain. That is why it is better that you eat jamun by applying a little name and never use milk with jamun.


There are many foods that are not advised to drink water with or immediately after eating. This increases the chances of diarrhea and indigestion and can also cause gas or acidity in the stomach. Therefore, water should be drunk at least one hour after eating Jamun.

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