Mahadev About Status For Facebook & Instagram in English

Friends, if you are also a true devotee of Mahadev ji like me and are looking for Mahadev Status or Shayari on the internet, which you want to put on your WhatsApp status or on WhatsApp about and also on Instagram and Facebook, then this post is for you. very special for
Because through this post, I have brought such status of Mahadev ji for you people, after reading which you will be happy, let’s know

Mahadev About Status For Facebook & Instagram in English

The lover of wealth is scattered,
And the one who loves my Mahadev shines.
Everywhere Shiva



Everyone’s fleet will cross,
If this world will be immersed in the devotion of Mahadev.
Everywhere Shiva



कैसे कह दूं की मेरी हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई,
में जब जब भी रोया मेरे भोलेनाथ को खबर हो गई।
हर हर महादेव



no joy to live,
no sorrow of death
As long as there is breath
We will remain devotees of Mahadev.
Everywhere Shiva



What’s the fun in living
When Mahakal has not settled in the chest.
Jai Mahakaal



Neither live in the absence of anyone,
Do not live under anyone’s influence,
We are devotees of Mahadev,
Live only by his name.
Jai Mahakaal



It changes with the circumstances
those who are weak,
We are the darlings of Mahakal.
Circumstances keep changing.
Everywhere Shiva



Whenever I come at your rate,
I smile heartily.
Jai Mahakaal



Our ideas are unique
Because we are crazy about Mahakal.
Jai Mahakaal



If you don’t get the shelter of this place, I can’t find it
Mahadev always needs your support.
Everywhere Shiva



किसी ने मुझ से कहा इतने खूबसूरत नही हो तुम,
मैंने कहा महाकाल के भक्त खूंखार ही अच्छे लगते है।
जय महाकाल



To spread fear of Mahakal,
If someone asks, say that the devotee has returned of Mahakal.
Everywhere Shiva



Whose Rome is Shiva in Rome,
He drinks the poison
What will the era burn them?
Those who do makeup with embers.
Everywhere Shiva



Through this post, I have told about you Mahadev About Status For Facebook & Instagram in English , hope that you would have liked the information given by me, if yes, then definitely share this information with your friends and if you are a devotee of Mahadev, then leave a comment in the comment. Be sure to write Jai Mahakal.

Jai Mahakal ||

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