Best New Mahashivratri Quotes

Best New Mahashivratri Quotes: Friends, the festival of Mahashivratri is the main festival of Hindus. On this day the devotees of Lord Shiva celebrate this festival with great pomp.

The meaning of Mahashivratri is “the great night of Lord Shiva”. On this day all the devotees keep fast on Mahashivratri and worship Lord Shiva.

On this auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, you can send Mahashivratri greetings messages to your friends.

Happy Mahashivratri Quotes

1. The glory of Shiva is unmatched,
Shiva does the salvation of all the people,
May his grace be with you always,
Wishing you a very Happy Mahashivratri!

2. The one who dies prematurely who does the work of a Chandal,
What should even Kaal do to him who is a devotee of Mahakal?
May Bholenath’s blessings always be with you.
Happy Mahashivratri!

3. Those who have Shiva in their hair,
drink the same poison
What will the era burn them,
Those who do makeup with embers.
Everywhere Shiva !
Happy Mahashivratri!

4. Bam is the sweet name of Shiva, who is innocent, Damru.
Hari’s lovely name is visible on the devotees,
Worship the naive who is from the heart,
Lord Shankar has done his job!
Happy Mahashivratri!

5. Don’t ask me I am ashes in my identity,
I am the priest of that Shiva Shankar in whose makeup it would have been done with ashes.
Wishing you a very Happy Shivratri!

6. It is my innocence to drink the wish,
The garland of serpents and the cloak of tigers,
Behind the settlement of ghosts is the village,
Drowning in fun, he is my Bhola.
Happy Mahashivratri!

7. May Shiva’s shadow be with you,
turn the body of your destiny
May you get all that in your life,
Which no one has ever found.
Happy Mahashivratri !

8. May you get the blessings of Bhole Baba,
May you get the blessings of his prayers,
May you make a lot of progress in your life,
And you get everyone’s love.
Jai Bhole Shiv Shankar Baba ki Jai!
Happy Shivratri

9. Let me drown in the devotion of the innocent
Let you bow your head at the feet of Shiva,
It is Shivratri, the day of my Bhole Baba,
So on this day let me sing the songs of the innocent.
Happy Mahashivratri!

10. Wounds will also heal,
Faces will also change
You remember Mahadev,
In you heart and mind only and only,
My Mahadev will be seen.
Jai Mahakaal !

11. Noor is obtained from the devotion of Lord Shiva,
Heart beats get a start,
Whoever comes to the door of the naive,
You definitely get something.
Happy Mahashivratri!

12. Let me drown in the leela of the innocent,
Let you bow your head at the feet of Shiva.
Today is Shivratri, my Bhole Baba’s day,
Let me sing songs of the innocent on this day.
Happy Mahashivratri

13. How is it raining,
There’s a new light in the air,
The fragrance that spreads in the air,
Surely Mahadev has installed a chillum.
Everywhere Shiva !

14. If you want to swim, then swim in the sea,
What is kept in rivers, streams,
If you want to love then do it with Mahakal,
What’s in these infidelities?
Happy Mahashivratri

15. One who drinks nectar,
They are called gods
and those who drink poison,
He is called “Mahadev”, the god of gods.
Happy Mahashivratri!

16. Don’t ask me my identity,
I am incinerated
Whose makeup was done with ashes,
I am the priest of that Mahakal.
Happy Mahashivratri!

17. May every particle of the world be with Shiva,
Now the embodiment of every power has arisen,
From water land and amber again,
Bam Bam Bhole ki Jai cheered.
Happy Mahashivratri!

18. They will feel cold in this season,
Whose deeds have stains,
We are devotees of Mahakal.
Brother, we have fire in our mouth too.
Jai Bhole Nath

19. Somebody crazy about wealth,
Somebody crazy about fame,
my heart like a mirror,
I am only crazy about Mahadev.

20. Baba is a devotee of Mahakal,
is always cool,
Life is a smoke
That’s why we are happy in chillam.
Happy Mahashivratri

21. Bholenath’s fame is all around,
Everyone say bomb, make noise,
You also worship, let us also worship
Sing Om Namah Shivaya all around.
Happy Mahashivratri.

22. Where is Sarah in whose shelter,
Salute is at the feet of that Shiva,
Become the dust of that Shiva’s feet,
Let us offer together the flowers of reverence.
Happy Mahashivratri!

23. Noor is obtained from the devotion of Shiva,
May everyone’s heart find peace,
Whoever takes the name of the innocent by heart,
He definitely gets the blessings of Bhola.
Happy Mahashivratri!

24. The glory of the innocent is incomparable,
do the salvation of his devotees,
May Shiva’s mercy be with you,
And may your life be filled with happiness.
Happy Mahashivratri

25. Collect the ripe cannabis color,
Life passed with happiness,
Taking the name of Shiv Bhole,
Fill your heart with the joy of Shivratri,
Hearty congratulations on Mahashivratri.

Mahashivratri Status

26.Shiva is Truth,Shiva is Eternal
Shiva is eternal, Shiva is God,
Mahadev is Omkar, Shiva is Brahma
Shiva is Shakti, Shiva is devotion.
Wishing you a very Happy Mahashivratri.

27. Will be immersed in the devotion of the innocent,
I will bow my head at the feet of the innocent,
Today is the festival of Shivratri,
Today we will sing the praises of the glory of Shiva.
Happy Mahashivratri

28. Can’t do or can’t,
Shiva please so yes,
In three lok nine section,
No one is greater than Shiva.
Happy Mahashivratri

29. How to praise Baba,
My words are not so loud
Search all over the world
There is no one like my Mahakal.
Happy Mahashivratri

30. Whose grace is upon me,
His attitude is also his boon.
Who taught to live with pride,
His name is Mahakal.
Happy Shivratri


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