Amazing Mysteries About Amarnath Cave

Friends Amarnath Cave There will be hardly any person who does not know about this cave, but there are some amazing secrets hidden in this cave that you people will not know, through this post of today, I am telling you about the Amarnath cave. I am going to tell about the wonderful secret hidden inside.

Amarnath Cave is one of the major religious temples of Lord Shiva, this temple is an important part of Hinduism and is considered one of the most sacred temples of Hinduism.

If we talk about the location of the Amarnath cave, then the Amarnath cave is a Hindu temple located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, this Amarnath cave is located about 41 kilometers away from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and at an altitude of 3888 meters.

In this Amarnath cave, Lord Shiva’s Shivling is formed every year by snow, he is also known as Baba Barfani. It is believed that at this place Lord Shiva had told the secret of death to Mother Parvati. There are mysteries which you all could not understand, so you know about those secrets which are related to the Amarnath cave.

Amazing Mysteries About Amarnath Cave

1. Do you know when and by whom the first Amarnath cave was discovered, let me tell you, Amarnath cave was discovered in the century of Seoul by a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik, one day a monk gave him a kangri filled with coal. When the shepherd saw that gold had become instead of coal, he was very surprised and at the same time went to thank the monk, but he saw that a huge cave had become in place of that monk, which was the Amarnath cave and it is still present in India. Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

2. After this, when he went inside the shepherd’s cave, he saw a Shivling made of ice there. Seeing the Shivling, that shepherd told this to the villagers, after that this place turned into a pilgrimage site, even today the descendants of that shepherd continue to do this. maintain the cave and a quarter of the offerings still go to the descendants of that shepherd.

3. This is such a cave in the whole world in which every drop of water falls and Shivling is formed from that one drop, but till date no one has come to know from where that drop of water comes and that How is Shivling formed Surprisingly, the Shivling is made of solid ice while the snow falling around it is completely friable.

4. A surprising thing about the Shivling of Amarnath cave is that this Shivling keeps on decreasing along with the size of the moon, when the size of the moon is completely exhausted, then the size of this Shivling also ends.

5. It is believed that in this Amarnath cave, Lord Shiva had told Mother Parvati the secret of his immortality for the first time when Lord Shiva was giving the knowledge of immortality to Mother Parvati, at the same time a pair of pigeons was also present there, which gave her nectar. and that pigeon pair had also heard the story and that pigeon pair also became immortal after listening to the story, it is said that that pigeon pair is still present there and the person who is known as the pigeon. The couple is seen, that person is very lucky and he gets salvation.

6. It is also said that when Lord Shiva brought Mata Parvati to this cave to narrate the story, he ordered the colony to consume all the tongues in this cave, but there were two pigeon eggs left because Eggs are not considered to be alive, so both those eggs survived and when Lord Shiva told Mother Parvati the secret of immortality, pigeons came out of those eggs and they also heard the story after hearing which they too became immortal.

7. All the devotees who come to see the Amarnath Cave come on foot, due to which they get very tired, but when they reach this cave, all their fatigue disappears, the secret behind this is no one till today. could not solve

8. In this cave, Lord Shiva told Mata Parvati that the garland around her neck is of Parvati’s previous birth. The shaving grows and in this swaddle all the shavings are yours.

9. It is also said about the Amarnath cave that Lord Shiva, who was going towards the Amarnath cave, had renounced the five elements, water, air, earth, fire, sky, while going to the cave and first of all he had sacrificed his Nandi bull. After he had freed the moon from his locks in Chandanwadi, Lord Shiva had left the snakes around his neck at a place called Sheshnag. did.

10. In the end, Lord Shiva left everything and entered the Amarnath cave and told the story of being immortal to Mother Parvati.


Friends, with the help of this post, I have told you about the secret of Amarnath cave, which you may not have heard anywhere and you will not even know, if you liked the information given by me, then share this information with your friend. Do share with us and tell us by commenting how did you like this information thanks.

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