Amazing Facts About Love in English

Friends, every person definitely loves someone in his life, maybe you have also loved someone at some point or the other, love is such a feeling that is different, it is considered the best if you have If you have ever loved or loved someone, then you can understand this feeling.

Falling in love with someone is a wonderful experience that all of us have felt. Love is such a feeling that helps us all to stay positive, moreover love is a very small word that cannot be expressed in words but love The less that is told about it, the less it is.

Come friends, many things have remained about love and many things have remained incomplete, but through this post today, I am going to tell you some such strange facts about love that you will be shocked to hear.

So Let’s Start…

Amazing Facts About Love in English

1. The more person you talk about with others, the more you fall in love with that person.

2. Most men fall in love only in 3 days, while women fall in love after at least 18 dates.

3. According to a psychological research, when a person is single, he will see happy couples everywhere, but when a person is in a relationship, he will see single people happy.

4. There are many people who are never able to realize their love, in such people a disease called Hypopituitarism is found.

5. When a person falls in love, then the mind of that person is not able to focus on its work properly.

6. If you are thinking too much about a person, then guaranteed that person will also be thinking about you.

7. If a couple is sitting together watching a comedy show or both of them laugh a lot together, then their relationship is very strong and satisfying.

8. The engagement ring is always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the vein of this finger goes directly to the heart, hence it is also called the vein of love.

9. It takes only 90 seconds to four minutes to like someone at first sight.

10. According to a psychological research, only 10% of girls express love first and 90% of boys express their love to girls earlier, that is, boys express love earlier than girls.

11. When two people start loving each other, then their likes and dislikes gradually become similar and at the same time they also start getting influenced by each other’s words and deeds.

12. Boys are more hurt than girls after break up in love.

13. When a boy and a girl look into each other’s eyes at the same time, it increases the chances of both of them falling in love.

14. According to a research, most men are more attracted to women wearing red colored clothes.

15. It is believed that I love you is spoken the most in the month of November.

16.According to a survey, 25% of the people who fall in love by chatting online later get married.

17. When a person is truly in love with someone, then that person feels the happiest at that time and I think all the people must have felt this feeling.

18. True love people can never lie to each other.

19. If the more you talk to a person, the more chances you have of falling in love with him.

20. If a girl caresses her hair while talking to you, it means that the girl likes you.

21. The more we love someone, the more easily we forgive him no matter how big the mistake

22. No one is afraid of falling in love, rather it is afraid of falling in love with the wrong person.

23. Only four minutes is enough for any person to fall in love.

24. It is believed that a beautiful face is considered more attractive than a good body.

25. If you fall in love with someone, then at least 2 of your friends definitely get away from you.

26. Daily about three million people go on dates with their partners all over the world.

27. According to psychological research, when you hug a person, you get strange relief because at that time our nervous system acts like a painkiller.

28. It is believed that the intoxication of love has an effect on the human brain like the intoxication of cocaine.

29. People who kiss their wife in the morning live at least five years longer.

30. A research has found that most animals, like humans, live their entire lives with only one life partner.

31. If you want to do something in your life then do not fall in this love affair, this love will ruin you, so first love your goal then only if you get it, then love someone truly.


With the help of this post, you have told people some such strange things about love, which if you would have been happy, you will keep visiting our website to know about such strange facts. Thank you.

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