Amazing Facts About Animals in English

Amazing Facts About Animals in English: Friends, with the help of this post, I am going to tell you such interesting things about animals that you will be shocked to hear and at the same time hope that you will like the post written by me.

Friends, there are many interesting and exciting facts related to animals in this world, about which you may not know, so let’s know interesting facts about animals.

Amazing Facts About Animals in English

1. An elephant can store up to 5 liters of water in its trunk.

2. When a horse is born, immediately after that he can walk and run.

3. Rat is an animal that can live without water for more days than a camel.

4. Goat’s eyes can see 360 degree angle i.e. all around.

5. The roar of a lion is so loud that it can be heard up to five miles away.

6. Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump and like humans, elephants bury their dead bodies with soil and leaves when their close ones die.

7. Cow can sleep even while standing but dreams come only when they lie down.

8. Dogs have more power to see, smell and run than humans.

Amazing Facts About Animals in English

9. More than half of the world’s pigs are with the Chinese farmers.

10. If you cut off one eye of a snail, it grows again.

11. The position of the eyes of a donkey is such that it can see its four legs simultaneously.

12. There was a time when kangaroos could be seen all over the world, but now only four species are found in Australia.

13. Crocodiles sometimes swallow heavy stones to dive deep into the sea.

14. Butterfly does not have hearing ability but it can feel vibration.

15. Dogs and cats are also left and right handed like humans.

16. The lion may be considered the king of the jungle but he is afraid of rhinoceros and elephant and never wants to fight with them.

Amazing Facts About Animals in English

17. A bee flaps its wings more than 200 times in a second while flying.

18. Leech is an animal which has about 32 brains.

19. Do you know that the tongue of a giraffe is about 21 inches long, so that it cleans its ears too.

20. Teitoni is such a bird which dies as soon as it touches the hand.

21. A cat can jump up to 7 times the length of its tail.

22. Scorpions can survive by holding their breath for about 6 days.

23. 99% of the species of animals that have been born so far have become extinct from this earth.

24. Do you know that cats remove their sweat through their paws.

25. The weight of the tongue of a blue whale fish is approximately equal to that of an elephant.

26. If a little wine is spilled on the scorpion, it immediately goes mad and bites itself and dies.

27. Male seahorses can become pregnant and give birth to babies.

28. Hariel is such a bird that never sits on the ground.

29. The teeth of animals gnawing with teeth keep growing continuously.

30. The sex of a horse can be determined by counting its teeth, if a horse has 40 teeth then it is a male and if a horse has 36 teeth then it is a female.

31. You will be surprised to know that the weight of an elephant’s penis can be up to 60 kg and it can also use its penis as a leg if needed.

32. Giraffes can run faster than horses and can survive without drinking water for more days than camels.

33. Ostrich are very powerful, there is so much life in their legs that they can injure a lion with their kick.

34. Crows can remember faces and can also tell other crows about it.

35. Elephant is such an animal that can detect water from 5 Km away.


In this post, I have told you interesting facts about animals and animals, hope that you must have liked all these interesting facts, apart from this, have you ever heard about these facts before today, if not, then definitely comment me. Will tell, thanks!

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