15 Motivational Quotes in English

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15 Motivational Quotes in English

1. Do note one thing, today’s pain is tomorrow’s victory.

2. Only thinking makes a difference, otherwise problems come to make you strong, not weak.

3. If you are alone then control your thoughts and if you are with everyone then control your tongue.

4. Life becomes easier by stopping a little while angry and leaning down a little during a mistake.

5. Always try to understand others in your life, not to judge.

6. This life always gives a chance, in simple words it is called tomorrow.

7. If you want to improve your life, then listen to your mind, not the mind of the people.

8. Friends, every day is a great opportunity to make a difference in your life.

9. If bad habits are not changed on time, then bad habits change your time.

10. God tests us and he gives us the power to succeed in it.

11. Never be arrogant over time and luck, because both of them are changeable.

12. Don’t make yourself like a matchstick, which gets smoldering with the slightest friction, if you want to make yourself like a calm lake, in which even if someone throws an ember, it too will be extinguished.

13. If bad habits are not changed on time, then bad habits change your time.

14. Whether the house is big or small, if there is no sweetness in the house, then humans do not even have ants in the house.

15. There is no harm in flying, you can also fly, but only from where the ground is clearly visible.


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