15 interesting facts about eunuchs

Although eunuchs are found in every country, but if we talk about India, then there are more than 500000 eunuchs living in India and there are many reasons for their separation from humans I am going to tell such 15 interesting facts about you that you have never heard before today, so let’s start.

15 interesting facts about eunuchs

1. eunuchs in India follow most of their traditions according to Hinduism.

2. Every year there is an increase of 40 to 50 thousand eunuchs in the country, out of all the eunuchs in the country, 90 percent are such that they are made eunuchs by castration rituals. eunuchs join the fraternity

3. It is said in the Mahabharata that during his exile, Arjuna took the form of a eunuch named Brihanlala.

4. It has also been written in our Puranas that Lord Shri Ram had given a boon to the eunuchs after returning from the exile that their blessings will always bear fruit, so this is the reason why eunuchs should never take a badass.

5. According to old beliefs, Shikhandi, a character from the Mahabharata period, has also been considered a eunuch, due to Shikhandi, Arjuna defeated Bhishma in the war.

6. It is also believed about eunuchs that the prayers of eunuchs can overcome the bad times of any person.

7. Where do you go that by taking a coin from the eunuchs and keeping it in your purse, the lack of money goes away.

8. In the olden times, the eunuch kings used to live their lives by singing, dancing and being in the service of the queens.

9. It is also very famous about the eunuchs that they used to protect the Begum’s harem during the time of the Mughals.

10. It is also said about eunuchs that eunuchs should not be taken because they remain unhappy and disrespected from childhood till the end, in such a situation it is natural to feel sad and sad.

11. Some say that because of the social status of the eunuchs, the eunuchs have developed a special secret language called Hiraja Persian.

12. If any eunuch dies, then the entire eunuch community goes hungry for a week.

13. No eunuch wants to become a eunuch in the next life, so he worships Bahuchara Mata and apologizes to her, he prays that in the next life he should not take the birth of a eunuch.

14. Before 2014, eunuchs were not counted in the society and even now if a person rapes with them then it is not considered as rape.

15. According to astrology, if the house of Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then green bangles and sari should be donated to a eunuch, it benefits luck.

Now let me tell you a wonderful thing about eunuchs, whenever a eunuch dies, no eunuch cries on his death, but he is killed with slippers and shoes, apart from this, when eunuchs are cremated. If it happens, no normal person can see it, behind this it is believed that the person who dies by doing so becomes a eunuch in the next life, so this is the reason why the funeral procession of eunuchs is carried out in the night and before the last rites everyone is ruthlessly are beaten with and all of the eunuchs are not burnt but buried.

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