10 Interesting facts about Eunuchs

Friends, let us tell you that in ancient texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata, mention of eunuchs has also been found along with other sections of the society. Since ancient times, society has always been seen from a different perspective. There is a curiosity among the common people to know about their life and way of life.

People talk different things about eunuchs and also spread rumors around the world, but there will be very few of you who know exactly about eunuchs, if you also know some wonderful things about eunuchs. If you want, then this post will have to be completed because with the help of today’s post, I am going to give you some interesting information about eunuchs, after knowing which you will be thinking.

10 Interesting facts about eunuchs

1. There are many beliefs behind the origin of eunuchs. According to Hindu Puranas, it is believed that eunuchs have originated from the shadow of Lord Brahma, this is the reason why eunuchs worship Brahmadev.

2. According to Hindu Puranas, the second belief behind the origin of eunuchs is that eunuchs have originated from Rishi Arishta and Kashyap.

3. There are two types of eunuchs, in this way male and second male eunuch

4. Every new eunuch coming to the eunuch society is welcomed in a very grand way. A grand program is organized to welcome the eunuch in which a feast is also organized in addition to dancing and singing.

6. If a child is born in someone’s house who is a eunuch or if any weakness is found in the genital of that child, then it is often handed over to the eunuchs.

7. An ancient tradition of Guru Shishya remains in the Kinnar community even today.

8. In India, eunuchs marry their adorable god Aravan once a year, but this marriage is only for 1 day. weep

9. If we talk about the population of eunuchs in the whole of India, then there are more than 500000 eunuchs living in the whole of India.

10. The eunuch community considers itself to be auspicious, so these people participate only in auspicious work like marriage ceremony, James Maro and after the death of any eunuch, these people do not mourn, but are happy that they have been born from this birth. got rid.


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